About us

Our company was founded in 2005 as a family business dealing with the refurbishment of lighting fixtures,

production of semi-finished products for luminaires and subsequently the production of various types of lighting.

At the beginning of our business, we mainly focused on the reconstruction and refurbishment of lighting fixtures, most of them

period of 20 years of the 20th century. This period of functionalism is very close to us for its beauty used

materials, but mainly utility value and function.

When refurbishing luminaires, we encountered a fundamental problem, namely ensuring a sufficient quantity

spare components with period patina and safe supply cables with textile braiding.

Gradually, we started to produce the necessary components ourselves.

In 2007, we purchased the first cable braiding machine, then added an eccentric press

for canopy pressing, CNC station for small components made of brass and other metals. Gradually

we have enriched the production with a paint shop for electrological powder paints without volatile substances V.O.C.

We have devised our own procedures for patination of metal components to achieve

required quality and appearance. We design, manufacture and install lighting for restaurant bars,

shops and private apartments and houses. Our next new customer service is that of selected components

of our production, we will assemble the luminaire according to your wishes, so that everything is connected correctly and the client no longer has to worry.

Possibility of installation on site.

After ensuring sufficient production, it was possible to offer our products to other customers, such as

they are lighting manufacturers, architects, designers and construction companies, but also film and advertising productions.

Our production gradually began to grow with additional technological equipment to meet demand

from around the world. Our clients include design studios in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Hungary

Sweden and outside the EU also Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the USA or Canada, our most distant client is from Australia.

In 2010, we established an e-shop, thanks to which our products can also be purchased by the end customer.

In order for our goods to be available outside the e-shop, in 2015 our company began to supply exclusively to the hobby market.

of Hornbach Baumarkt CS. At present, you will find our products in 10 Hornbach markets in the Czech Republic and

in 4 stores in Slovakia. We also supply 100 Hornbach markets in Germany, 14 in the Netherlands and 1 in Luxembourg.

We supply 128 HORNBACH Baumarkt Hobby Markets in Europe


The company Bohemia-Design deals with the design and production of design accessories in retro and vintage style, but also in modern and industrial style. We also repair and redesign old items. We produce all products in the Czech Republic from quality materials, for example, we use Karlovy Vary porcelain in the production of some luminaires. Last but not least, we are engaged in the production and distribution of colored braided cables, both separate in length, such as extension cords, cords for lamps and chandeliers or Ethernet cables. and various electronics. In addition, components for home installation of luminaires, such as patinated sockets, retro sockets with switch, colored plastic sockets, ceramic glazed sockets, colored canopies, colored socket covers, bolt bushings and much more, can be found in the "Light accessories" section. We are engaged in retail and wholesale, if you are interested in cooperating with our company, do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the services of a classic e-shop, we also deal with custom production and installation of lighting fixtures. We will assemble the required lighting according to your design, so you don't have to solve the problem of not knowing where to go and you are afraid whether you will be able to assemble the lighting safely. This service is intended not only for architects and designers, but also for individuals, just contact us and arrange everything. We also focus on lighting designs for various restaurants, bars, shops and other facilities. We will completely design, assemble and install the lighting for you.

We are still looking for other sellers and distributors for our range, if you are interested in cooperation, whether you own an e-shop, a brick-and-mortar store or are a wholesaler, do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a wholesale price list and arrange all the essentials for distribution.








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